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Charming Colours Art School was founded in 2019 by passionate artist Mamta Bhardwaj. Starting with approximately 10 students, so far, we’ve mentored thousands of children since inception so they can explore their artistic skills and express themselves in a creative manner with our support and guidance.

It didn’t take long for the Founders Mamta and Amit Bhardwaj to realize that kids across the country needed us. Because of creativity that keeps children consistently happy. Creativity enables them to express themselves, giving life to their imaginations of new worlds—worlds uniquely theirs.

We discovered that creativity holds the key to unlocking the magical potential within every child. And we didn’t want to restrict this key to the realm to a single locality in Sydney. It’s the right of every child in the world. And every child in the country deserves this gift.

This is why we began our expansion journey throughout the nation. To reach and support more children. To bring smiles to their faces.

To guide them in unlocking the wondrous realm of imagination through creativity. We’re Charming Colours Art School – The key to Magical Imagination for every kid.

We are strong and trained thousands of students to be artistic, colourful & creative. Art gives them new eyes to see the world differently and express their emotions to the world. It makes them stronger, sharper and reshape their mental abilities to achieve things that no normal kids can achieve. It shapes their future and by making their personality bold, charismatic and enrich them with leadership quality.

Simply adding colours to a kids life can empower their mental abilities without any limit and boundaries.

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