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Holiday Batch

Benefits Of The Class

Emotional Expression

Art allows young individuals to express emotions, promoting overall well-being.

Confidence Building

Positive feedback for artistic efforts boosts self-esteem and confidence.

Creativity Enhancement

Art develops critical thinking through decision-making in composition and color choices.

Cultural Awareness

Art cultivates a sense of belonging among participants, fostering social bonds.

Social Interaction

Art workshops foster social connections through a shared interest in creativity.

Academic Enhancement

Involvement in the arts improves cognitive skills and academic performance.

About Charming Colours

Unlocking Creativity for Kids

Step into the world of Charming Colours Art School, where creativity knows no bounds. Founded in 2019 by the talented artist Mamta Bhardwaj, our school started small but has since become a place where thousands of children have discovered their artistic talents. With our guidance, they’ve learned to express themselves in exciting ways.

We believe that every child has a magical spark of creativity waiting to be ignited. That’s why we don’t want to keep it confined to just one place; we believe it’s something every child, everywhere, should have the chance to explore.

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Training the Next Generation of Artists

At Charming Colours Art School, we’re trying to be more than just a school – we have quickly become a vibrant community where young artists thrive. Through our engaging in-person classes, we’ve helped countless children develop their skills and let their imaginations skyrocket. Our focus isn’t just on making art; it’s on helping kids grow into confident, skilled artists who can bring their ideas to life.

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Our Curriculum

Junior Holiday Art Workshops

Senior Holiday Art Workshops

Parent Testimonials

Who should attend this workshop

Artistic Kids

Children who love art and being creative will have a great time at this workshop.

Curious Explorers

This Holiday Art Workshop is perfect for children who want to explore their imagination.

Friendly Kids

Children who enjoy making friends and doing things together have a fun time socializing.

Holiday Fun Lovers

Kids who get into the holiday spirit and make art inspired by the holidays.

For All Levels

No matter if your child is just starting or has some experience in art, this workshop is for them.

Our Gallery


Duration of each holiday workshop is 2 hours.

No, art supplies is included in the holiday workshop fee.

Yes, we’ve painting for both junior (4.5yr old to 8yr old) and senior (9 yr old to 18 yr old) group on our website. You can select the painting and book the day accordingly.

No, you don’t need prior art experience to join the holiday art workshop.

Art classes are often open to every child interested in exploring their creativity, regardless of age. We train thousands of students each year who have a passion for art and a desire to learn new techniques or improve their skills.

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